Litco Automation’s Indramat Inventory will be placed online for our clients.
Customers will be able to browse thru our inventory at their convenience
24 hours a day. 

This is a small sample of the 5000+ items we have in stock in our 40,000 square
foot warehouse.
For assistance, please fill out the online form, call 210-680-9570, 
or email us.

Rexroth Indramat Motors MHD090B-035-NP1-UN MHD093B-035-NP0-AN MHD093B-035-PP2-BA MKD071B-061-KP0-KN MKD112B-048-KG1-RN MSK061C-0600-NN-M1-UP0-NNNN

Indramat Power Supplies HVE02.2-W018N HVR03.2-W045N KDV3.1-100-220/300-220 KDW1.1-100-300-W1 KVR1.3-30-3 TVD1.2-15-03

Indramat Drives DKS01.1-W100A-DL01-00 DKR02.1-W200B-BE12-01-FW DDS02.1-W200-D K45/94 HDS04.2-W200N K23/99 A08 RAC4.3-300-460-A-0D-W1 TDM1.2-100-300-W1-000

Indramat Controllers BTV20.2CA-64B-10C-D-FW BTC06.2A-F-EH3-FW CLM01.3-X-0-2-0-FW CLC-D02.3-FW PPC-R02.2N-N-N1-T2-NN-FW S0T02-E2A-FW

Indradrive HLB01.1C-01K0-N06R0-A-007-NNNN HMD01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN HLC01.1C-02M4-A-007-NNNN HMS02.1N-W0028-A-07-NNNN HMV02.1R-W0015-A-07-NNNN HNL02.1R-0980-N0023-A-480-NNNN

Ecodrive DKC01.1-040-7-FW DKC01.3-016-7-FW DKC02.3-016-7-FW DKC03.1-040-7-FW DKC06.3-100-7-FW DKC21.3-040-7-FW

We offer same day shipping, overnight, ground, air freight, UPS, FedEx, or Southwest Cargo.