Indramat Drives

Litco Automation carries the complete line of Rexroth Indramat drives.
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DIAX02 Family

  • DDS02.1, DDS03.1 Digital Intelligent Servo Drive
  • DDS01.1 with Integrated Power Supply


  • DKC01.1, DKC11.1 – Digital Intelligent Servo Drive with Analog/Parallel Interface
  • DKC02.1 – Servo Drive with SERCOS Interface
  • DKC03.1 – Servo Drive with PROFIBUS Interface

Indramat DKR

  • DKR02.1, DKR03.1
  • DKR04.1, DKR05.1

Indramat DKS

  • DKS01.2-W100
  • DKS01.1-W030/W050/W100

Indramat RAC

  • RAC02.1, RAC02.2
  • RAC03.1, RAC04.1
  • ANAX

Indramat Drives 

  • Indramat HDS, HDD
  • Indramat TDM
  • Indradrive HDM, KCU

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